Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ludwigia octovalvis – Mexican Primrose-Willow

Ludwigia octovalvis - Mexican Primrose-Willow

Mexican primrose-willow is a rather weedy perennial or subshrub of sunny areas with wet soils. Plants in full flower are colorful and showy and it is well suited for difficult areas, such as ditches or low wet ground. Like most members of the primrose-willow family (Onagraceae), it is readily propagated from cuttings as well as from seeds, the latter germinating without the need for any special treatments. Wildlife value is moderate with the flowers being visited by bees and the foliage eaten by the caterpillars of the banded sphinx moth (Eumorpha fasciatus). Note that, in spite of the common name, the plant is native to the southern United States from Texas, east to North Carolina.

Distribution Map for Ludwigia octovalvis
Map courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database.


© 2009 Rufino Osorio (exclusive of the USDA map).

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