Sunday, August 1, 2010

Helenium amarum – Spanish Daisy

Helenium amarum

Helenium amarum

Spanish daisy is a somewhat weedy but showy annual that abundantly produces perky yellow flowers. These contrast well with the attractive leaves, which are divided into narrow, linear segments. Plants are very easily grown from seeds in moist, but well drained, soil in a bright sunny spot. Its natural range is very wide range and includes most of the eastern and central United States, with introduced populations in California.

Another common name, bitterweed, alludes to the fact that it is unpalatable to grazing animals, a trait that accounts for its tendency to increase in poorly managed, overgrazed pastures and rangelands.

United States Distribution Map for Helenium amarum
Map courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database.


© 2009 Rufino Osorio (exclusive of the USDA map).

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