Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thelesperma burridgeanum – Burridge's Green-Thread

Thelesperma burridgeanum

Burridge's green-thread is an extremely showy and easily grown, but short-lived, annual. It occurs as a native plant in only nine counties in southern Texas, where it favors well-drained, sandy soil.

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Anonymous said...

That is weird because this flower is all over caddo mills, Tx in North Texas, Hunt County.

Rufino Osorio said...

Anonymous, are you positive that the plant in Hunt County is indeed Thelesperma burridgeanum? The daisies of Coreopsis tinctoria are remarkably similar to those of Thelesperma burridgeanum and Coreopsis tinctoria has been recorded from Hunt County, Texas, by authoritative sources (such as the USDA Plants Database).